Easily Prepare Foods & Family Meals
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!
Slice, Dice, Chop, Mix & Shred
 All With One Counter-Top Kitchen Set.
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Now £44.99
  • Blades are German-engineered, razor-sharp stainless steel
  • Made with G-NOX Technology
  • Won't easily dull, rust, or break 
  • Variable size slicing with one easy motion – saving you time and clean up
  • Dishwasher safe
ab doer twist
Enjoy These Great
Time Saving Features & More...
Fast & Consistent Cuts Every Time
Prepare family meals and snacks at a speed like never before. Nicer Dicer Fusion lets you slice, dice, chop, julienne, shred, grate, cube and quarter. 

You’ll be able to save prep time and clean-up time by cutting all your food with one easy motion. Once cut, the slices drop right into a container for fast serving and storage.
Nicer Dicer Fusion Features
  • Easy-lift function: automatic opening mechanism in the cutting lid with 3 possible settings to ease your movements
  • 22 different cutting sizes and 29 different cutting results
  • 3 different, easily switchable blade inserts made of sharp, hardened stainless steel
  • Blade inserts with two different cutting surfaces: 2 ingredients can be prepared at the same time into different sizes
  • Blade inserts with continuous surface: to cut larger or more food in one move
  • Variable cutting thickness: from paper-thin up to 0.6 cm individual adjustable feed plate

  • 18 extendable julienne blades for perfectly cut julienne strips
  • Ultimate safety cutting with the Handy Hopper and Food Holder
Optional accessories include -
Nicer Twist

  • 2 blade inserts with 3 sword blades for quick and efficient cutting results
  • Transparent cover to fix the blade inserts, serving as a splash guard, and to easily and cleanly add food into the mixing bowls
  • Crank handle for easy use and total cutting control
  • Ingredients can be minced, whisked, beat and chopped easily
Easily Serve, Store 
Take Your Prepared Food On The Go!
Slice & Serve
Diced or sliced food drops immediately into serving containers, so they can be
served straight away.
Seal & Preserve
You can add to your order these great containers with sealable lids. Perfect for bringing lunch or snacks to work, school or picnics!

Safe & Easy
Nicer Dicer Fusion speeds up
your preparation of fruit and veg letting you prepare meals & snacks quickly and safely.
Was £59.99
Now £44.99
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